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The Roundup Wrap-up

After a year and a half of hosting our monthly Food Truck Roundups, we’ve made the decision to bring the series to a close.

Our mission at The Brew Gentlemen Beer Co. is to provide elegant and meaningful experiences through exceptional beer, thoughtful hospitality, and attention to detail. Our continued collaboration with food trucks and mobile vendors is a significant aspect of that overall experience.

Our monthly Food Truck Roundups, which began in December 2014 and ran until June of this year, started with the intention of being a recurring celebration of mobile food in Braddock.

However, roundups are a complex undertaking that require a substantial degree of planning and and all hands on deck in order to run smoothly. To manage this added complexity, we made concessions to our regular service. Proper glassware for our beer, sharp attire for our staff, and a pleasant atmosphere for our customers, to name a few – things that detract from the thoughtful hospitality and attention to detail that we’ve outlined in our mission and continue to strive toward. Reducing this complexity allows our team more bandwidth to focus on growth.

Furthermore, following the borough’s 2016 policy shift disallowing outdoor drinking, we have found that these circumstances (and the resulting logistical hurdles) hinder our ability to provide the best possible experience. Food truck roundups draw a hell of a crowd, and are now frequently hosted by other local businesses and venues that are better suited to accommodate those crowds. As a result, our focus remains set on the impact that mobile food can have on Braddock – a census-designated ‘food desert’ – through consistent availability and high-quality service. We are continuing to work with the borough to be respectful to our neighbors and find a solution that will allow us to have events in the future.

While we will no longer be hosting monthly roundups, our core lineup of mobile food vendors will continue to serve at the taproom during regular hours. Through the hard work and commitment of these small businesses, we will continue to provide food options for our customers and the rest of the Braddock community.

The most up-to-date information regarding mobile food service is available via our taproom Twitter account and our website.

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