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The Complete Fall Lineup

fall seasonals 2016

In order to both a.) keep things simple and b.) continue our focus on hop-forward beers while leaving ourselves some room to play around, we’ve standardized each season’s lineup to include a pale ale, a double IPA, and a wild card. With the wild card slot firmly taken by returning seasonal favorite Mexican Coffee, newcomers Tree Star and Kabuto arrive this year to complete the fall seasonal trio.

Mexican Coffee is our answer to the cooler temperatures and shorter days of fall. A creamy and full-bodied oatmeal stout aged on coffee beans, cinnamon, and vanilla, Mexican Coffee has been the subject of oh-so-many inquiries – the two most frequent being “Why can’t I taste the peppers?” and “when does it come back?”, and the respective answers being “because there aren’t any peppers in it” and “right now.”

Tree Star is the newest addition to the pale ale column, joining predecessors Overgrowth (spring) and Shoshin (summer). It has a more pronounced malt base, adding a light nuttiness to complement a lush hop character of watermelon candy and Asian pear.

Our powerhouse quadrumvirate of seasonal juice-nukes is now complete: Mammoth (winter), Albatross (spring), Akamai (summer), and now, Kabuto. It’s a dank and resinous yet bright and tropical double IPA solely featuring the hop varietal formerly known as Equinox. It has an aroma like a freshly-popped ziplock of sticky-icky that gives way to a fruit-forward burst of guava, apple, and papaya. Kabuto – the Japanese word for the characteristic horned helmets worn by samurai – lends its name to the kabutomushi, or Japanese rhinoceros beetle, featured in its logo.

Mexican Coffee and Kabuto will be released on draft in the taproom tomorrow, with Tree Star following suit on September 14th.

With three out of four seasonal lineups now complete, here’s our newly updated production calendar:


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