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The Sprout, The Seal, and The Seabird

spring seasonals 2016

Our quest to nail down each quarter’s rotating seasonal brands has been a long-running and tricky process. It began when we released Garden Party, our first official seasonal, in summer 2014, the list growing and solidifying with the arrival of each season. When we published our 2016 release schedule a couple of months ago, we had solved only part of that puzzle – spring and summer each with two seasonal brands, and fall and winter with only one.

Since then, we’ve decided upon a goal of three seasonals per quarter. And given the continued success of both Akamai and Mammoth (our summer and winter double IPAs), we’ve carved out one of those three spots for a rotating double IPA.

So with all of that in mind, we’re proud to present the official Brew Gentlemen Spring 2016 Lineup: the return of newly tweaked and upgraded versions of Overgrowth and Loose Seal, as well as the debut of Albatross.

Overgrowth, a lush and juicy pale wheat ale, will be hitting the taproom next week. It was first released last year alongside Loose Seal, its spring saison counterpart, which has already found its way back onto the draft list upon the departure of Mammoth. And as sorrowful as that departure may be, its absence provides the opportunity to introduce its successor: Albatross, a double IPA made exclusively with Galaxy hops – a uniquely flavorful Australian varietal that lends a huge, tropical passionfruit and pineapple character and a firm bitterness (as well as a higher-than-average content of resins and oils than make Albatross even hazier than our usual fare).

And now, with the spring lineup complete, here is the updated 2016 release schedule:

Product Calendar (public)

Happy springtime, family.

Overgrowth, Loose Seal, and Albatross will be available on draft in the taproom and at select accounts throughout the spring.

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