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May 30, 2012



May 29, 2012

And so it begins...


May 26, 2012

Somehow, we’ve graduated.

To make a relatable analogy for those of us living in Pittsburgh, finishing up at CMU is the equivalent of being stuc...

May 8, 2012

The Facility Search: 8th & Woodlawn

After a few months of looking around Braddock for a space to start brewing on a small scale, we’ve finally found a bu...

Apr 25, 2012

Dinner @ Hartwood

A quick anecdote: In 2010, British band Mumford & Sons played the Reading Music Festival, following the release o...

Apr 9, 2012

Beer Dinner No. 1

After a long and intense day of prep work, cooking, serving, and sermonizing about beer pairings, we’re extremely gla...

Mar 28, 2012

Mid-Semester Shenanigans

After an embarrassingly long hiatus from brewing and blogging alike, we’ve finally gotten a double batch of White ...

Jan 9, 2012

Twenty Twelve

So it seems a bit late to write an obligatory New Year’s post in which we wax poetic about resolutions and all that s...

Nov 28, 2011

Batch #1: White Ale with Chai Spices

Upon the completion of a variety of equipment construction projects, we brewed our inaugural batch: a chai spiced wh...

Nov 28, 2011

Hello World.

It’s been almost a year to the day since we made the leap. Our dream of opening a microbrewery in Pittsburgh start...
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