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The Complete Winter Lineup


Longstanding members of this most prestigious group of blog readers may be able to harken back to a time before our quest to complete our lineup of twelve seasonal beers. Each of the last three seasons saw the completion of their own individual lineups, leading us to the finish line this winter: returning favorite Mammoth will this year be joined by our new winter pale ale, Kaizen, and ultra-creamy coffee milk stout, Deep Breakfast.

Named for the philosophy of perpetual improvement, Kaizen aims to winterize our normally soft, juicy pales with a resinous blend of Pacific Northwest hops and biscuity malt. A character of pine, resin and grapefruit lend balance to a base of fresh-baked bread.

A long-forgotten one-off reenters the astral plane as Deep Breakfast joins the winter lineup. This silken, creamy milk stout features an exceptionally high coffee content, making for an experience more akin to cold brew than beer.

The ground trembles once again with the return of Mammoth, the behemoth heavyweight of our seasonal double IPA family. With intense mandarin orange, pineapple and mango flavors and a lightly resinous finish, Mammoth remains a formidable opponent in its eternal battle against the leviathan octopus, Akamai.

Mammoth will be available on draft in the taproom tomorrow, with Kaizen and Deep Breakfast following suit on December 7th.

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