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The 2019 Release Calendar

Product Calendar 2019

Having established that our theme for 2019 is more beer, for more people, in a more convenient way, now seems like a good time to give a top-down overview of the beers we make and the categories we put them into.

Each beer we make falls into one of several categories:

  • Seasonal: An American IPA, Seasonal Style, and Double IPA for each season that reflect the time of year in which they’re made
  • Occasional: A diverse family of beloved beers that are released consistently throughout the year
  • 15104 Series: New beers marked by the Braddock zip code that highlight creative processes and ingredients
  • BG Lagers: Classic beers that honor rich brewing traditions and techniques
  • Prototypes: Ultra-small-batch, taproom-only beers that allow us to have fun and learn
  • Annual: Extra-special beers we make once per year
  • Mise en Rose Collection: Mixed-culture fermentation ales that are carefully produced, aged in oak, naturally conditioned, and intended to be paired with food and friends

While the diverse collection of beers contained within these categories represent the full spectrum of our brewing philosophy, one beer stands above the rest as the purest manifestation of everything we hold dear: General Braddock’s, our flagship IPA.

The idea of a singular flagship beer is one we’ve come to deeply appreciate and fully embrace. If a flagship product is defined as embodying the expertise, values, and product line of the business, General Braddock’s checks all of those boxes. It’s a beer we’ve spent more time and effort honing than anything else in our portfolio, and it’s our proudest realization of our effort to create soft, balanced, and elegant beers. This is the beer we want to share with the world.

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