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Special Release: Galaxy Saison

galaxy square

As the saying goes, one is an incident, two is a coincidence, and three is a pattern. If that’s the case, New World Saison was the incident, Nelson Saison the coincidence, and Galaxy Saison the pattern. Now that we’re on our third Modern Farmhouse Ale within the Special Release line, it looks like a sub-series has officially been born.

With the Modern Farmhouse Ale series, there are a few things that we want to stick with to keep things consistent. By “Modern Farmhouse Ales”, we’re talking about beers that don’t necessarily fit into the traditional saison style. They’re going to be much more hop-forward than your standard European saison, using predominantly American and southern-hemisphere hops that add more bright, fruity notes than their earthy, rustic predecessors.

From a brand perspective, we’ll stick with the simple naming construct of “_____ Saison”, which makes things especially easy when it’s a single-hop beer (as both Nelson and Galaxy have been). We’ll also keep them visually similar, influenced by overgrown, abandoned structures; my love of which I’ve already expounded upon in detail.

And so for our third installment of Modern Farmhouse Ales, we’re proud to announce Galaxy Saison: a hazy, straw-pale, ultra-dry saison with earthy, herbal undertones that give way to bright and fruity hop character. Galaxy hops are one of our favorite varietals, an ultra-tropical Australian hop that has an insane blast of citrus, peach, and passionfruit flavors. We’re all about hop-forward beers with low bitterness, and Galaxy suits Zach’s brewing style marvelously.

Galaxy Saison will be released on draft tonight (Thursday, April 23rd) during our Reverse Tap Takeover with The Independent, with bottles coming soon.

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