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Serious Business

2014-12-10 12.02.49

One of the biggest themes when operating a young business is the constant flow of new problems to solve. As we develop solutions for these challenges, we learn more about ourselves and our identity as a company, and sometimes, we find something that that no longer fits with the identity we’ve developed. When this occurs, we are given the opportunity to evolve a part of ourselves and to strengthen our company as a whole. The process of evolution can be difficult at times, because it forces us to leave behind a part of our past – but it’s also be extremely exciting to know that what lies ahead is going to be incredible.

All of this is to say that recently, we’ve made the difficult decision to evolve one of our four flagship beers, Business Casual. Formerly a session-gravity red ale, Business Casual was originally brewed to serve as more approachable beer; a flavorful but low-ABV beer that you can drink at any time of the day. And it served its purpose well. However, as we’ve grown as a company, we have realized that our identity lies in beers of a more ambitious variety, beers that challenges us to push the envelope, beers that are memorable. Business Casual was, well, a bit too casual for our lineup.

So what was once a 4.20% ABV session red ale has transformed into a 8.4% ABV, heavily hopped imperial red ale that will stick to your memory as it sticks to your palate. Brewed with copious amounts of Munich and Vienna malts, juicy Simcoe, Amarillo and Columbus hops, and bready English yeast, this beer balances malt sweetness with a complex palate of intense hop character. Warm flavors of fresh bread and caramel give way to bold citrus, juicy apricot and floral hops, and the use of English yeast and Canadian malt provide a creamy mouthfeel that makes it so smooth you’ll forget that it’s such a heavy hitter.

We hope that you enjoy this beer as it evolves, and we hope that you enjoy the rollercoaster ride as we all evolve together. This is, after all, serious business.

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