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Mammoth: Redux

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December is upon us, and as our final batch of Mexican Coffee dwindles gradually towards its three-season hiatus, it’s time once again for us to issue our quarterly dispatch on the topic of seasonal releases.

In an effort to continue traversing our collective learning curve at a cheek-flapping velocity, we’ve been releasing a steady flow of new beers; in order to keep that train rolling, we once again decided to release only one winter seasonal this year. This winter, that beer is Mammoth. And this time around, Mammoth will return as a Winter Double IPA.

We decided to rebrand Mammoth as a Double IPA to function as a counterpart to Akamai, our Summer Double IPA, primarily based upon our realization that the mental imagery of a gigantic octopus battling a wooly mammoth is supremely cool. Fantastical imaginary nature fights aside, here’s the lowdown on our newest seasonal: made with a hefty portion of Mosaic, Citra, Simcoe, and Chinook hops, Mammoth is as juicy as its aquatic cousin, but a bit heartier and more balanced to better suit the colder months.

It’s hazy and low in bitterness, with earthy flavors of berry and pine taking center stage alongside bright citrus and tropical fruit. Like a viciously dry-hopped Kool-Aid Man bursting through the literary drywall into the serene and snowy woodlands of a Robert Frost poem, Mammoth is that sun-drenched dropkick you need when the world becomes a monochrome palette of white on gray.

Mammoth arrives in the taproom this Wednesday evening, and will be available on draft though February.

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