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Well, we did it.

As the last-minute backers streamed in, we cruised into our final number: $32,118 of our $25,000 goal.

Of course everyone who's backed our project will receive a personal thank you, we just wanted to pre-thank everyone immediately. Although Kickstarter is only the beginning, it proved to us that we have a ready and willing community that's here to support us right from the start.

To all of our friends, family, and everyone who knew about us and our project before this all happened: thank you for staying onboard and supporting us the whole way through. It means an immense amount to us. To the multitude of others who backed our project because they genuinely want to help us realize our vision: thank you for believing in us, in what we do, and in craft beer.

Whether you're a future BGBC enthusiast or just like what you see, you've made an impact and, as Boring Pittsburgh put it, are "part of Burgh brewing history".

So raise a pint, everyone, and toast to present accomplishment, future progress, and the wonderful people who've enabled both.

Or, you know, don't, because it's like 11am.

Thanks everyone.

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