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Double Tapped

Last summer we made the somewhat on-the-spot decision to reach out to Mike McAllister, the man behind Epic Development and the Tapped pop-up beer garden series (and now the Urbanist guide). We had been to a few of the Tapped events and wanted to get in on the action. This led to the overwhelmingly successful Tapped: Braddock in October, the final Tapped event of 2012, but it also led to a lasting partnership between ourselves, Mike, Bar Marco, and Fukuda (more on that later). And now we’re pleased to announce that we’re all back for a bigger and better Tapped series in 2013, beginning with Double Tapped.

Double Tapped

Yup, Double Tapped. Two of ’em. Back to back. Bar Marco during the day, Fukuda into the evening. On the day before St. Patty’s day. Here’s what you need to know, besides the fact that this is face-meltingly awesome:


WHAT: The first leg of Double Tapped, complete with live music and shenanigans.

WHEN: 10am- 3pm

WHERE: Bar Marco, 2216 Penn Ave. (in the Strip District)

FOOD: Good ol’-fashioned St. Patty’s food. Corned beef, cabbage, and all that lovely stuff.

DRINK: Beer by Full Pint, plus Irish whiskey punch by Bar Marco.

COST: $10 entry (can be purchased here via Showclix), food and drinks sold by Bar Marco


WHAT: The second leg of Double Tapped, complete with a DJ and EVEN MORE SHENANIGANS.

WHEN: 4pm- 9pm

WHERE: Fukuda, 4770 Liberty Ave (in Bloomfield)

FOOD: Japanese street food. Delicious yet hard-to-pronounce favorites, fresh off the grill.

DRINK: Beer by Full Pint.

COST: Free entry. Food and beer sold by Fukuda.

So for everyone that has been fervently holding out through the winter for the return of Tapped: it’s back in all of its glory with much, much more to come.

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