Brew Gentlemen aims to create soft, balanced and elegant beers and meaningful experiences while helping revitalize the historic steel town of Braddock, Pennsylvania.


When we started the company back in college, we were just a couple of drunk, idealistic students fed up with school and the track it put us on for life. We knew one thing back then that has stuck with us and helped shape every decision we’ve made: to share the experience of beer.


Since then, we’ve developed a set of core values to help keep us on the right path to accomplish our mission. Rooted in Japanese design and philosophy they are:


MIYABI - An aesthetic ideal meaning elegance. Everything is just as it should be.

SHOSHIN - A concept from Zen Buddhism meaning “beginner’s mind.” Openness, eagerness to learn. Many possibilities.

KANSO - An aesthetic ideal defined as simplicity. Identifying that which is essential.

KAIZEN - A business philosophy for continual improvement. Thrive on change and making things better. Use every day as a chance for improvement.

All of these are held together in the idea that we choose to care in everything we take on. We’re here to work hard, be nice, and have fun.


Matt Katase & Asa Foster



Brew Gentlemen was born out of the desire to carve our own path, build something meaningful, and share great experiences. In November of 2010, while in their junior year at Carnegie Mellon University, Asa Foster and Matt Katase decided to ditch their previous tracks of Art and Math to pursue self-defined majors with a common goal: open a brewery. After narrowly avoiding being kicked out of CMU for brewing on campus, the pair graduated in 2012 and quickly found their home in Braddock. They embarked on an 18-month DIY renovation project to convert an old electrical supply store into the brewery and taproom you can visit today. Brew Gentlemen opened its doors in May 2014, and we haven’t looked back since.


Our home at 512 Braddock Avenue has allowed us to learn, grow, and experiment. We’ve brewed countless beers, our original team of two has grown to a family of 10, and people have started coming back to Braddock. Most of all, we’ve had fun. We’re fortunate to have figured out what we loved to do at a young age, and are taking advantage of that by striving to be the absolute best we can be.


We’ll continue on this journey as long as we wake up every morning and still love what we do. We’ll continue to grow, while staying true to our core values and purpose. Thank you for being a part of our story.











3PM - 7PM

3PM - 7PM

3PM - 7PM

3PM - 7PM

Brew Gentlemen aims to create soft, balanced and elegant beers and meaningful experiences while helping revitalize the historic steel town of Braddock, Pennsylvania.

An Independent Brewery and member of the Brewers Association.