Our brewery is located in Braddock, Pennsylvania, just down the Monongahela River from nearby Pittsburgh. The small town’s many layers of history began in 1755 during the French-Indian War, as a British expedition led by General Edward Braddock moved east to take Fort Duquesne. In one of the most decisive battles of the conflict, General Braddock was killed and his troops were annihilated as they crossed the Monongahela by French and Native American forces fighting from the treeline.

Twelve decades later, Scottish-American industrialist Andrew Carnegie made Braddock the heart of his steel empire with the construction of the Edgar Thomson Steel Works and an entire community with which to support it. The town grew to become an industrial and commercial hub, and thrived for over half a century.

The rug was eventually pulled out from under Braddock with the collapse of the American steel industry in the 1970s and 1980s. At its peak in 1920, Braddock was home to a population of over 20,000 a booming economy. By 2010, the population had plummeted to 2,000 and much of the town lay abandoned.


We found Harco Electric, a vacant electrical supply store that had long been a fixture of Braddock Avenue, shortly after graduating college in 2012. After an eighteen month renovation, we opened Brew Gentlemen in May 2014.

As we move forward, we’re proud to be amongst the many individuals and organizations working to revitalize Braddock, a town with such a rich past behind it and such a bright future ahead.

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Brew Gentlemen aims to create soft, balanced and elegant beers and meaningful experiences while helping revitalize the historic steel town of Braddock, Pennsylvania.

An Independent Brewery and member of the Brewers Association.